Thuzar is 13 years old and started to be part of the education program in January 2018. She dropped out of school a few years ago because her village is isolated and the school way was too long. Nevertheless she is a smart girl who is eager to learn, is an important member of our team and is happy all the time.

Soe Paw

Soe Paw is 23 years old and will finish her studies in 2019 at university. She works seriously, cooks delicious meals and is very interested in different cultures. She wishes to become a chef one day and be part of the academics. We are sure that she will reach this goal because she works hard and learned very good English in the last few months.

Daw Mya

Daw Mya is Zi Zi’s mother is 86 years old who is still supervising in the kitchen, helping around and very active in organisation.


Phyo is 17 years old and finished high school. She joined the education program in January 2018 as well. This beautiful girl learns very fast, smiles all the time and puts a big amount of chilli in her meals. She wishes to become a tour guide one day. That is why she is studying English very hard.

Mi Moe

Mi Moe is 25 years old and has a 5 year old foster-daughter. She has good experiences as a waitress, is sharing her skills to the unexperienced staff and is an open and confident person.

Daw Than

Daw Than is 44 years old and has four grown up children. She is willing to learn new skills like English, cooking and cycling. In addition she wants to develop her parenting because her husband just passed away some months ago. As her children are working in different villages, she was alone at home. Now she found a second family in “PAW PAW” where she takes care of the young girls.

Zi Zi

Zi Zi is the owner of “PAW PAW” which she opened nearly two years ago. She takes care of all the working women and her mother. She is like a second mother for many travellers who are coming to “PAW PAW” and she cooks like a chef. She is open-minded, speaks fluently English and works seriously, patently and with humour. Moreover, she wants to be part of the transiting period of our nation in a positive and responsible way. For that she is supporting the young women and is helping all around.