Paw Paw Restaurant was founded in June 2016. We are a self-fund family run home kitchen restaurant and community development project aiming to assist marginalised young women from remote areas of Myanmar.

Our Original Place
Our New Place


  • 2016: when we travelled to Nyawn Shwe from Shwe Nyawn during my first trip to Inle lake, the diversity of the nature, culture and fresh air with simple smiles embraced us and spoke to our heart right away.
  • April 2016: we found a small old bamboo house in Nyawn Shwe and decided to open a small home kitchen restaurant promoting a simple way of life and a return to traditional cooking and culture.
  • June 2016: we founded several individualised development programs for young women in need coming from remote villages.
  • June 2017: we started the school refunding program for young working women involved in our projects.
  • 2018: we are looking forward to getting some help to develop our work and be able to support better the community.

Our Philosophy

Starting is always full of surprises and help us learning new things every day.

Every day things are getting tougher  for the independence of women in Myanmar. We try to contribute in the changing mindset process by supporting women in need and think on how make the world a better place for them.

Do you want to help us to make a better world?

Our goal is to empower young women in becoming responsible citizens and encourage their professional growth. All our team come from the villages around Inle.

Changing society starts with individuals.

As a result, the individual development of our young women is linked closely to wider community growth within remote villages. 

We greatly value any assistance you might be able to give us along with any feedback on how we can improve our services.