We love to learn and to improve our skills. That is why we welcome every volunteer with open arms.

We need every hand to build up our business. There are many fields in which you can help us. For example helping with general tasks, social media, teaching English or Computer skills to our staff, being creative and artistic. Furthermore, showing and explaining your culture and traditions to our staff and share your experiences with them to get them motivated to reach their own individual goals.

We want to become a responsible society with your support. Your kindness and assistance is the driving force for our community project moving Myanmar forwards.

The aim of volunteering is to have a positive impact on society around us. Under the current situation of Myanmar society, the individual exposed to society with limited perspectives which is too focused on commercial whilst the social infrastructure is still restricted governing powers.

We provide freshly made meals for you and guarantee you a friendly team, enough free time and a lot of fun.

If you are a professional in business, marketing, economics or advertisement, we could need your help as well, as we have limited human resources.


The days in “Paw Paw” taught me a lot in terms of sharing love. The entire staff treated me like one of their family members. All girls were willing to help, learn, experience and share what they have. They are the future of not only Myanmar but the world and try to initiate to make the change and face the challenges. Zi Zi is a really brave and wise woman who gives the girls chances and advices as a leader, mentor and friend.

Joy, South Korea

Volunteer in ”PawPaw” restaurant for 1 month (July 2017)

I hope that “Paw Paw” will continue to thrive and grow, so that more people have the chance to receive the type of job training and overall support that Zi Zi provides them with, which is not easy to come by. It’s not a stretch to say that working there is a life changing opportunity for the staff.

Ko Myint Aung, Myanmar

I really hope that more volunteers come to this place to support those lovely girls to create a sustainable, stable and responsible society here in Myanmar.
Sophia, Germany

Sophia, Germany

Volunteer in ”PawPaw” restaurant for 1 week (January 2018)