Paw Paw is not only a restaurant. We intend to contribute in our community development and believe every day is worth a fight. There are so many initiatives running in Myanmar and we are proud to participate in some of them.

Support single mothers

We are supporting women in need by providing help and free meals to single mums who suffer from diverse issues such as mental problems, or rejection from the community. Our intention is to empower them to take care of their baby and ensure their development in the long run while facing difficult situations.

Moreover, we provide elderly care like nutrition support.

Provide individualized education program

We are part of student’s education while they are working in “PAW PAW”. We provide individualized education programs to young people coming from remoted villages. This program includes improving reading, writing, and English skills. As well as awareness sessions on diverse topics such as public rules and laws, respect and empathy, responsibility, team work, structural mindset, finances and family planning.

School expenses refunding

When our staff is studying at university while working, only distance studying is possible as we are living in a small town. In order to ensure the best possible studying environment, we provide help and guidance as well as adapted working schedule.  We allow our staff to take breaks from work to study for a few months if they feel need for.We believe this is key to make sure they can support themselves and learn at the same time.

As we believe education is key for our young generations, we are glad to refund the necessary studying fees of our staff IF they are successully in gaining their university degree.

When did we start?

The program started in June 2017.

Why refund?

We believe education is the key towards independency. There is not enough support for students with difficult background. We want to encourage them to keep going in investing in their education for a better future.

What will a student benefit from the program?

  1. School registration fee
  2. Books for tuition
  3. School books
  4. Boarding fee

Who can claim the funding?

She needs to come from a low income family. She needs to be a good team member, accountable, responsible and commited to her role, with an appropriate behavior and attitude to adopt great personality and humor. She also must learn how to communicate reliably. She must pass the exam not by corrupting but from simply studying, be free from illegal activities. She must manage her income so she can pay her school bills and study expenses.

When can the student claim the fund?

Once we can see the student’s name on exam result announcement, the student can claim the fund.

What does the student need to bring to claim the fund?

Student’s (identification) ID card copy, seat number, house registration copy, parents’ ID copies, school registration receipt, list of other expenses, exam result copy, photo.

Who claimed the fund already?

Ma Khaing Nwe Soe, Inn Thar tribe, 21 year old, came from a small village of Inle lake region, is the very first student of this program and we are blessed to be able to help this young lady.

She is a strong independent young woman who is very motivated to learn new skills with good humor. She joined our program in May 2017.  She developed her personal life in many ways from learning everyday life and simply working hard with wonderful attitude. She now is a very reliable team member who can be great role model in our team.

Who next?

Ma Khaing Wai Phyo, Danu tribe, 16 years old, came from Pinttaya region is the second student of our program.